Bordeaux Wines


The powerhouse of French wine, Bordeaux is all about glorious chateaux looking down on graceful vineyards making deep rich red wines that have been favoured by the rich and famous for centuries.

Our own story began in 2015 when we moved to Bordeaux where we owned and ran a small vineyard, Chateau du Faure Haut Normand. Alongside the vineyard we built our wine business - We specialise in small independent vineyards that make great wines which are off the radar. These small producers are all family run by passionate winemakers They may not have huge chateaux attached (though some do) but the wines they produce are sublime and not stupidly priced - truly the beating heart of the Bordeaux region.

We have a carefully chosen selection of, mainly, red wines (for a wider selection of whites see our Burgundy wines here) that we have tasted (at times to excess!) and loved. You will not find them in your local supermarket.

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