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Margaux Red Wines

When we first came to France the town I most wanted to visit was Margaux, the very name evokes images of greatness in wine. The reality is rather sobering, yes there are some jaw-droppingly beautiful chateaux and the countryside is amazing. The town....less so. It is not ugly, it is not an eyesore, it is just very small has one wine shop and a cafe and that is about it really. All a bit of a let-down - until you drink the wine.

For me Margaux is the very best of Bordeaux. To the north is Pauillac which produces very muscular Cabernet Sauvignon wines that are delicious but need 10 years in bottle to be even approaching their peak. To the south the soft Merlot wines of St Emilion and Pomerol. Margaux, which is usually more Cas than Merlot manages to combine the best of both worlds in producing wines that are discrete and classy yet strong (a sort of James Bond in a wine glass).

They age beautifully - I had the privilege of drinking a 1922 Château Margaux last year and it was unbelievable - but also drink well within 3-5 years of being bottled. In short don't bother going to visit the town but enjoy the wines!