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Pauilac Red Wines

If you have read our section on Margaux (and if not why not!) you will know that the town is a bit of a let down. Pauillac town is even worse! It shoud be a little gem, sitting on the river bank with a lovely marina and lots of old buildings and boy what a heritage. The reality is a rather sad place, most of the shops have closed down and the buildings are run down rather than quaint.

That aside this is the most northern of the great left bank appelations. Pauillac is my favourite bar none. I love the structure and the intensity of the flavours - not subtle but sublime. Of course the name comes with a price and it is difficult to find great wines for less than three figures per bottle. When you do buy it, if not still buy it but just drink it when you have something to celebrate!

Cabernet Sauvignon dominates here with Merlot playing second fiddle. The wines are not soft and generally require decanting to get the best out of them. They also need longer to reach maturity, so if a St Emilion, or even a Margaux is drinking after 5 years a Pauillac will take at least 10 and often will not reach peak for 20 years. At the time of writing (during Covid lockdown) many 2005 Pauillacs are at their peak.