About Us

We are John and Penelope and we live in the beautiful village of Meursault in the heart of Burgundy. We fell in love with a lovely townhouse near the village centre and moved there with our son, James, and mad spaniel, Max, in July 2022.

Having owned and ran our own vineyard in Bordeaux and with over 20 years of experience (not to mention formal qualifications) we really love, and more importantly understand what it takes to make a great wine.

Our vision has been to combine our existing Bordeauxwine.fr business with a new venture in Burgundy – TheBurgundyWineCompany.com.

Our goal is to source the best of the best from the small independent producers in each of these iconic wine regions and bring them together for you in one convenient place.

We believe that living in and being part of the winemaking community will put us in a unique position to be able to offer the best wines at the best prices. We can find wines that are not available in the high street or your local supermarket, wines that will delight you and your friends and family – all at a reasonable price.

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