Private Wine Buying Service

Well obviously it is not all that private or you would not be reading this page. However we do limit the number of customers we accept so that we can optimise the quality of service we can offer. So if you are reading this page it is because we are still comfortable with the number of clients in our portfolio.

We can supply anything you want from Petrus to a humble vin de table but we specialise in sourcing wines from small vineyards in Fronsac, St Emilion and Pomerol. Wines that are not widely available outside France but only because the French snap them up before anybody else. It’s quite simple really – tell us what you want and we will go and get it for you.


Our Contacts

We have developed strong personal contacts with châteaux owners across the region so we can offer great prices. We take a fixed 20% mark-up on the wines we sell which is substantially less than you will find your average retailer makes.


Shipping or Storage?

We can arrange shipping or alternatively store it for you for a nominal charge. You can of course arrange shipping yourself. Costs will vary depending on where you want the wine to go. We make zero margin (that means absolutely nothing at all) on shipping.


Contact Us

For more information on this service please feel free to contact us by phone or use the form below.

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