Our Reserve Storage Service

Bordeauxwine.fr are happy to store your wines for you alongside our own personal collection within Château du Faure Haut Normand

Our storage year runs from 1st January – 31st December and our fee includes insurance at replacement value. Charges are charged annually in arrears, or when the wine is delivered, for the year or part year.


Costs for Storage

Our storage and insurance charge for 12 months is €2 per case (of 12 bottles) per month.

A list of reserves will be sent to each customer annually in January, with the invoice for storage and insurance. That invoice will show details of wines, drinking dates, purchase price and an estimated market value. We are not responsible for ullage or wines losing their condition. Drinking dates are for guidance and will depend on your personal preference.


Delivery ex-Reserve

A delivery charge will be payable for wines withdrawn ex-Reserve and for wines purchased en primeur. This charge is the same as for our other wine delivery charges.

Withdrawals from reserve may be made in multiples of one or more cases on receipt of your written instruction. In the case of wines held in joint names, we must receive written instructions signed by both parties. Duty and VAT must be paid before wines are delivered ex-reserve.


Contact Us

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