Trois Le Faure – 2017 – SOLD OUT!


Official Tasting Notes:
The second wine of Château du Faure Haut Normand, Trois Le Faure is 90% merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc and provides a gentle, rounded wine that is typical of the beautiful wines made by the Rolland family. Yields were down 60% as a result of the frosts in April but the vines that survived did so in excellent order. The summer was not as hot as usual but the wine that resulted is fine balanced red dominated by blackberry rather than plum fruit of a more typical of Fronsac merlot; this will be drinking perfectly by 2019/20.

John’s View:
The 2018 vintage is all about silky deep dark fruits like plums, this one, the 2017, is lighter and here I have to agree with the experts and say it is more like blackberry than plum. No bad thing but perhaps better suited to chicken or turkey than lamb? Obviously it would be lovely with any red meat but again I agree here with the experts and would serve it slightly below room temperature (assuming like most of us that you like it at about 19-20 degrees that is unlike our friend Deborah who boils everybody at 25!).

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